Reiki Training

Universal Usui Reiki Training & Certification

Accelerated Reiki Workshops in the Treasure Coast

Long Distance Training available!  Learn Reiki from anywhere in the world!

Jessica holds classes in which people just like you have the opportunity to learn Reiki in a comfortable and personalized setting, receiving their Reiki atunments and learn about all the wonderful ways to use The Universal Usui Reiki Healing System.

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Reiki is commonly referred to as a system of energy healing, but in fact is so much more than that. Reiki is a permanent and gentle positive transformation of your life.

Every class of Reiki Certification covers the following topics:GlowHands2

  • History and Origins of Reiki
  • About Dr. Usui and his practice
  • What Reiki is and how Reiki works
  • Scientific Research of Reiki energy
  • Reiki for healing self and others
  • Reiki hand positions
  • Reiki for your animals
  • Reiki for your kids
  • Reiki for personal/spiritual growth
  • Reiki for mental clarity & balance
  • Reiki for cleansing/clearing of home, medicines and foods
  • Reiki for protection
  • Reiki for global issues
  • Reiki to enhance your everyday life
  • Reiki to improve your business & career
  • Reiki for love and relationships
  • Other uses of Reiki
  • Using Reiki with other healing methods
  • Reiki symbols and their uses
  • Sending Reiki through time or distance
  • What it means to be a Reiki Master
  • How to pass Reiki atunments
  • How to teach Reiki
  • Your personal Reiki lineage

Reiki is a permanent land gentle positive transformation of your life.

Workshops held in the comfort of your own home or office.  Weekend and weekday evening workshops are available.
A 50% Deposit is required with registration. Workshop total $575.00

Private Classes Available, Register Now!
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This is a one day accelerated Reiki workshop that includes all three levels of Reiki and your Reiki atunments.

You will be given homework assignments and practice will be required before you may feel really ready to use and teach Reiki, however this workshop does include Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 Master level training, all the Reiki healing symbols and all the information you need to teach and practice Reiki for yourself and others.

Through Jessica’s Reiki Training and Certification workshops you will learn about the many ways you can use Reiki to improve your life on all levels, and how you can help others do so as well.


Recommend a friend and I will give you each $25 for attending the class!

For every person you send to attend one of these classes I will give you $25 credit (regardless of whether or not you attend any of my classes) and give your friend $25 off their class. It is my way of letting you know how much I appreciate it so be sure to tell everyone you sent them!



Reiki Master Jessica Fox has the following Reiki Training and Certification classes available:
Best Value: Accelerated Reiki Training (all 3 levels) is $575 per person.


First Degree of Reiki is $150.00 per person


Second Degree of Reiki is $200 per person. (Must have Usui Reiki Level I certification)


Reiki Master Degree is $300 per person.     (Must have Usui Reiki Level I and II certification)


All Reiki Training workshops and classes are available either in a group or private setting. Please E-mail or  click the button to register online.


Now Available!  Long Distance Reiki Training

Sale- $200 for all 3 levels of Reiki!  Regular price $250
In this independent study course, you will receive your manuals by e-mail in PDF format.  You will have a period of 1 week per Reiki level to review the material in the manual, ask any questions that you may have and complete a simple quiz.  After this step is completed your distance Reiki attunement will be scheduled.  Your certificates will be mailed within 2 business days of receiving the final attunement.


Optional- If you wish to receive a printed manual via mail, you can purchase them separately here for $35.  Shipping via USPS is included within the USA, please e-mail for an international shipping quote.  Please allow 3-5 business days for your manual to be shipped.