What is Avesa Quantum Healing

Avesa Quantum Healing ™avesa

AVESA (Sanskrit)

Ave= Hail

Sa= Infinite Unknown

Together, Ave + Sa is:

Hail to the Infinite Unknown or
The Evolution of the Upliftment Consciousness!


The decline in pharmaceutical effectiveness….radical new illnesses….the return of the plague…the search for Divine Consciousness…what do these all have in common?

Whether you are already well on your journey or one who is yearning for deeper soul connection, the current trends on our planet are calling forth the shift that will open the pathway to your Sacred Birthright that is wholeness of the physical, emotional and spiritual body!


What Is Avesa?

The word Avesa is Sanskrit. When strictly defined it means the evolution of the uplifting of the Consciousness! The purest meaning of Avesa is Divine Empowerment. The commonly accepted definition of the word empowerment is: To invest with power; especially legal power or official authority.

Removing traditional consciousness from the modern definition of empowerment, we find that what is left is the gift of receiving an “investment of energy”, which is true power and a Divine gift.

Ave means “Hail”; commonly recognized through the Ave Maria, which literally translates as the Hail Mary, to give glory, to honor. “Sa” means the Impersonal Infinity. Recognition of the Divine presence without any attachment to the I; the limitless love of the Divine.

Together, Ave plus Sa means Hail to the Impersonal Infinity which offers in return Divine empowerment to any who are empowered with the energy.


The Avesa Story

The last time Avesa energy was available on this planet was during the late 1800’s. There were sages or gurus in the Himalayas living in cases, and others in Tibet who were able to work through these energies and bring them forward in a format that was kept very secretive because the vibrational level on the planet was not ready to receive them.

Avesa came forward to this planet through an energetic lineage of wondrous beings. In the late 1800’s there was a renaissance group using the energies actively and it was at that time determined in conjunction with the Masters, that the energy of Avesa would not be available again until after the millenium (Y2K). This was primarily due to the technological manipulations that were foreseen during the last century.


What Happens with Avesa Quantum Healing ™?

To enter into the gift of Avesa Quantum Healing ™ offers anyone the opportunity to integrate and release barriers to healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Often those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished symptoms, greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose and true connection with their Divine being-ness.

We are at the time of the great awakening, and the gift of Avesa Quantum healing ™ is the opportunity to embrace all of the changes around us with ease and joy!

To receive the gift of the Universal Divine, you must re-member, claim and fully exist AS the Universal Divine. Are you ready?

If you are reading this,
your soul is calling for Avesa


Avesa Balancing Technique

This powerful technique has been proven effective to offer the energy of wholeness to many in a very short time. Clients who experience this technique for the very first time are delighted with the gifts of Peace, Love and Joy.

The Avesa experience:

* Suspended and protected by an Angelic 5th Dimensional Healing Energies

* Brings your consciousness into Divine Connection and assists to release the pull from Density Obstacles such as past life, health, behavior and emotions

* Receive a Chakra assessment and balance with highly energized pyramids

* Align with your Soul connection, (Avesa In-soulment)

* “Bodies” are scanned and aligned for a greater connection, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

* Experience the divine love that YOU ARE!



Atlantean Healing Chamber ™:
Two day session

The Atlantean Healing Chamber ™ includes the Avesa Balancing experience as described above, and also incorporates powerful Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing. You will experience powerful Egyptian Healing Rods that will increase chi flow, balance yin/yang energy and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.

This advanced technique opens an inter-dimensional portal where energy and intention flow FAR more powerfully than in the physical dimension. The chamber itself accesses a 7th dimensional portal, and thus will connect the client more consciously to their Authentic Soul energy. This co-creative collaboration involves the healer, client and the non-physical guides who have agreed to support the process.

The energy of the session continues for about 14 days. During the two day process, (in which each session is approx. 2 hours in duration), you will be instructed to refrain/limit use of electronic devices and consume only vegetarian foods. This is imperative to support and facilitate an optimum healing process.

Each Chamber is a unique experience and custom made for the individual. If you are interested, please click here to schedule your sessions on days when you can comfortably disconnect from all electronics, work pressures, and are able to take a break.

For a smoother integration and enhanced experience, this service is only offered to clients that receive several Avesa Quantum Balancings prior to their Atlantean Healing Chamber Session. Optimally they will also receive one or two more balancings after the chamber to help anchor and integrate the energies.


For your convenience, discount packages that include Avesa Balancing and Atlantean Healing Chambers are available.  Click here to learn more.