What is Reiki


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a Japanese healing art that was synthesized into being by Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s in Japan. Mikao Usui was an educator, who, in his intense desire to understand and work with methods of medicine and healing, discovered and developed Reiki during his stay at a Buddhist temple in Japan.


“Reiki” is a Japanese word for the concept: “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki’s can be learned by anyone regardless of their personal philosophy and/or spiritual belief system. In Reiki, the healing energy is allowed to flow into us, and then we, act as a vehicle – through which this energy can be passed on to another individual (or ourselves). Reiki is easily incorporated in all modes of healing and spiritual paths.


Though extremely powerful and in many ways complicated, Reiki is incredibly simple and takes little practice to master. Anyone can learn it to benefit their life and the life of their friends, family, and others. A Reiki treatment restores balance and harmony to the whole person, bringing about a sense of wellness.
In Jessica’s Class, you can Experience Reiki for yourself, learn to send and receive Reiki energy & learn to pass attunement onto others in a comfortable, personal setting. I keep my classes small to give you the personal attention you need to learn easily, and in a comfortable setting.
Reiki is taught in 3 levels, I cover each level in a separate workshop or all three levels in my Accelerated Reiki class. There is no obligation to move to a higher level within a particular time, or ever. You advance at a pace that is comfortable to you.


Reiki Certification Workshop Details:
The class usually takes all day as there is a lot of information to process. We usually take a break at midpoint to eat and get away for 15 minutes or so.  I can also offer the accelerated workshop over 2 days.
The first part of the class it is mostly technical information. We learn about what exactly Reiki is, how it is different from other healing methods, and we learn the basic hand positions as well as working with the chakra system.
The second part of the class we cover whatever part of the manual we did not earlier and you receive your attunement. After the attunement (which includes a long meditation) we take a break. You need to eat and drink while your body takes a moment to adjust. Of course your body will need a lot more time than that to fully adjust, usually about 21 * days or longer. However, the first few minutes after attunement are usually when the most sensitive people feel the change in their body’s vibration most significantly. Many do not feel anything, and that is perfectly okay as well.
After the break we practice feeling the energies, healing ourselves and each other. In Reiki 2 we practice healing with the symbols. In Reiki 3 we practice passing attunement.


All the Reiki classes includes your manual, your atunements and your certification diploma.  The class is usually held at your home or office or at a similar private space.
Private group or one on one classes are also available.


I teach, and practice the Usui Method of Universal Reiki. This discipline works well with all other traditional, alternative and modern healing, massage and holistic practices. It does not interfere with any physical, mental, or other spiritual practices.


Just to be clear; Reiki does NOT include any rituals, touching, disrobing or anything else that would make most people uncomfortable.
Reiki is not a religious practice, it is an energy work practice that requires little or no touching in most cases. 
It can be learned by children and adults of all backgrounds and religions.
Reiki will NOT interfere with any other traditional, alternative and modern healing, massage and holistic practices. It does not interfere with any physical, mental, or other spiritual practices.
Reiki CAN help you learn to heal yourself, your children, your friends, your pets, & others. It can also help you balance many other areas in your life.



Below is an essay by my Reiki Master about the evolution of Reiki energy and how it is now possible to offer this in an accelerated format.
Is it evolution or has the healing energy of Reiki become bastardized?
by Miami’s Reiki Master, Rev. Atena Komar URM
Reiki is a healing practice based on unconditional love energy that surrounds us all. It was first taught by Dr. Usui in the late of the 19th century. Along with is successors, he opened Reiki training center many years after he was first given “the tools to healing” in it’s purest form, known today as Reiki.
Today Reiki is practiced by millions of people all over the world. Reiki practitioners of all levels are sprouting up like mushrooms in the forest after autumn rain.
When Dr. Ususi first taught Reiki, he explained that his uber-simple, superbly gentle and ultra powerful method of energy work should be spread around the world. The more people practice it, the easier it is for everyone to use it, the stronger the energy channel becomes and the easier it is to absorb and attune to. In short, Reiki is accelerating.
As Reiki accelerates, builds momentum and grows strong, we too in turn respond – as a collective human race we are becoming more open to receiving this beautiful gift from our universe.
When Dr. Usui first opened his practice, his students would spend years at the center, painstakingly working their way through the levels of the very same energy we so abundantly use today.
Dr. Usui stipulated that Reiki will never need more complication. There will never be more symbols and it will always remain a three tier process requiring three separate attunements. With each attunement, the new practitioner is given a descriptive title. With the first, the title of Reiki Level One, with your second attunement it is level two and with the third attunement it is level three or master.
Master is teacher level. At master level the new practitioner should have received all the symbols and have been taught how to pass attunements to others.
New practitioners would spend years in Dr Usui’s center preparing themselves for each attunement through a multi-year process of hours of practice, hardcore study and intense meditation.

By the time Reiki reached the western world through Dr. Takata in the early 20th century, one only needed 29 days between levels.

And the energy keeps accelerating.
In 2003 when I got my master attunement I found the 29 days a nuisance. At my first taste of Reiki I was so drawn to it I took my class as soon as I possibly could.


I have practiced Reiki ever since and started teaching within a year of getting my Master’s Certification – though I had never intended to teach, profoundly and strongly protesting the suggestion of such a thing by my teacher. She just smiled and said “you will teach”.
She was right.


I have now taught a new class every couple of months resulting in over 36 classes, giving the world 42 new Reiki practitioners and it is one of the most rewarding things I can possibly do. This is just my impact in a few short years… imagine the impact of all the Reiki Masters around the world!


But with acceleration comes change, and this is how I came to make a major change in the way I teach Reiki:
Some years ago I had a group of clients who wanted desperately to learn Reiki from me before leaving town less than two weeks later.
I protested, witch each phone call and with every request I would say, in respect to the traditions of Reiki, I cannot teach all three in such a short span, plus, it might cause way too much turmoil for you to have all three attunements in such a short time.


No, it cannot be done!


During one of my daily meditations where I often receive inspiring messages from my what I believe are my spirit guides, I got this: “What makes you think you can dictate what others are ready for!”.


My guide was not pleased and I had no idea why. This was the only thing I got, and mind you I had a busy life where Reiki plaid a small part in. I spent days trying to think of, what could this be about. I strive to be an open-minded person so this was a rather disturbing message. I combed over memories of conversations, relationships, workshops and readings.


Then I received one more call form this same group of clients who asked me one more time if I could please-please-please teach them Reiki before they move out of state. It dawned on me in that moment – this is what I was being so wrong about!


Reiki energy is accelerating!
I instantly thought back to my first experience with Reiki. How I felt that my Reiki master in spirit had been working with me for years before I even knew what Reiki was!


How much I longed to go to the next level within hours while being made to wait for weeks. How my spirit guide would scuff at my teacher every time she explained why I was given this harsh sentence of waiting.


Yes, this was true… but it is not anymore.
I combined the classes and taught all three levels in an intensive class to my eager clients and I must say, this is almost the only Reiki class I teach anymore. It is in high demand and for some a little too intense. But I am there for them to help slow down the process as they absorb the information weeks after their class.


Now this brings me to another point. With all these people who sometimes create their own versions of Reiki and their own systems. How is one to know what to do?


I teach Universal Usui Reiki, this is the practice as it was taught by Dr. Usui so many years ago. The same system untainted and for the most part, unchanged. We still use the same symbols; we still use the same hand positions; there are no complications. It is clean, pure and powerful energy.


Now I hear about the Atlantian Reiki, Karuna Reiki and other hybrids of Reiki that honestly I personally believe, god never intended. They are complicated, intense, drawn out and sometimes ridiculously expensive. In some disciplines, new practitioners spend thousands of dollars before they are even allowed to think of practicing on others and forget about becoming master, this is left for the privileged few. Who decides who is worthy?


Some disciplines add dozens more symbols to memorize. Some completely change the way you use the original symbols. Some disciplines have four, five or even move levels.


There are even institutions and organizations popping up all over the country each of which claim themselves to be “experts” and creating a self proclaimed regulatory body for Reiki in the world in attempt to completely remove it from the hands of the average person.


It all just rubs me the wrong way – I like it simple, I like it pure. I like the real thing. If you are going to add something on top, why not just call it something else because it honestly is not Reiki in any more.


But then again…
Hard core traditionalists are also very much against what I am doing. They do not believe that a person is working with the Reiki energy long before they are exposed to it in the physical. They do not believe that the energy is accelerating at this rate.


So I must respect these new forms of “Reiki”. Who cares what things are called, it is just a word we use for energy. But energy is energy so if people want to make it complicated they have the right to do so. Perhaps one day my budget will catch up with my curiosity and the availability of these new forms of Reiki will be convenient enough for me to try one of these systems out. Then I will know for sure. Though I am fairly convinces they are good and powerful forms of energy work, I will not be convinced it is Reiki until I try one these systems for myself.


But as a renegade Reiki Master, while breaking out of the mold, I still try to respect and uphold the integrity of the practice and the traditions of Reiki.


My intensive training class, though it is Reiki in Warp Speed, is still Reiki. I did not change a thing about the teachings and my Reiki lineage can be traced all the way back to Dr. Usui.


It is still the energy that Dr. Usui wanted to be accessible to the common man, the same energy he wanted mothers to use for their children, and masters to pass on to their students and let them go forth and set free an avalanche of the beautiful healing energy.


Yes, some have changed things quite a bit. Some have added what they believe is right. Some have kept it so strict there is absolutely no room for growth. But overall, Dr. Usui’s wish of energy work for the masses has been fulfilled. It is still growing and still accelerating and each of us masters serve to better the world though unconditional love… no matter what we call it.



So to answer the original question, has the healing energy of Reiki become bastardized? In short, yes.


But that is not a bad thing, at least not according to this Reiki Master.


It is only growing and diversifying just as we are. The collective needs all the Reiki it can get, so let them get it in whatever form they choose.


It is still a beautiful, gentle and powerful energy that should be shared with all.